2 x Hippo Water Saver – 9L Water Saving Hippo Bags

2 x Hippo Water Saver - 9L Water Saving Hippo Bags

These are brand new. There 2 in the pack.

What is a Hippo?
Hippo is made from durable heavy gauge Polyethylene, which opens up, origami style, into an open ended box shape when installed. The Hippo happily sits in the water underneath the large cistern float. When the toilet is flushed, the water confined within the Hippo is the volume saved. The Hippo also has a small hole which acts as a relief valve allowing slow circulation of water to prevent stagnation and evaporation.

How long will my Hippo last?
Indefinitely – Hippos are manufactured from Polyethylene and, when immersed in the confines of the toilet cistern, they are designed to last a lifetime.
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