DAYMOO Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs Set (9″ & 12″),Heat Resistant Kitchen Tongs with Silicone Tips for Salads,Grilling,Serving and Fish Turning – Bonus Silicone Pot Holder

DAYMOO Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs Set (9
  • A MUST HAVE UTENSIL FOR YOUR COOKING ARSENAL – if you like to cook up a storm in the kitchen or on the bbq grill then high quality, well made, stainless steel tongs are a must. Our tongs set are heat resistant (to a scorching 400°F), super strong and sturdy and won’t let you down, no matter how much you put them through their places!
  • AMAZING GRIP & NON-STICK FRIENDLY: With scalloped steel heads coated in silicone, DAYMOO’s tongs with silicone tips are firm and angled to offer amazing grip and control. Just compare them to your old nylon tongs or plastic tongs – these are the best tongs for cooking, grilling meat, or use as serving tongs or salad tongs.
  • 2 EASY TO USE SIZES FOR ALL YOUR COOKING NEEDS – whether it’s flipping chicken, thick steaks or ribs on the grill or stove, our long bbq grill tongs have the perfect reach to avoid grease splatters and burnt arms. The shorter kitchen tongs are ideal for stir-fries, tossing and serving salads or grabbing hot fresh sweet corn out of a boiling pan of water and much much more!
  • PREMIUM FDA APPROVED SILICONE: DAYMOO’s premium silicone is 100% FDA Grade and BPA Free. It’s heat resistant to 482°F, and stain and odor resistant. StarPack’s tongs heads offer the best grip and control available, and simply won’t melt, warp, rust or flake into your food like cheap metal tongs or nylon or plastic tongs.
  • SAVES PRECIOUS SPACE – the handy locking mechanism keeps the salad tongs closed so they won’t take up lots of room in your kitchen drawer or utensil holder. Alternatively they can be hung. So whether you’re short on space or have a tendency to collect kitchen utensils, we’ve got you covered!

A MUST HAVE UTENSIL FOR YOUR COOKING – If you like to cook up a storm in the kitchen or on the bbq grill then high quality, well made, stainless steel tongs are a must.
Convenient, Durable and Ready for Everything:

Made with premium food-grade silicone scalloped heads and stainless steel handles, these ergonomically designed kitchen tongs offer a stain and odor resistant finish that’s hypoallergenic, protects your food, and is safe for your family.
Flip, Grip and Serve:
From your favorite dinner recipes to your grandma’s BBQ chicken recipe that starts with a fiery hot charcoal grill, our kitchen tongs are truly universal. They’ll help you safely turn all your meats and vegetables, pull them off hot surfaces for individual plates, or even serve salad at the dining room table.

Featuring these Top Benefits:
☆ Designed to provide you maximum control
☆ Easy to clean and also dishwasher safe
☆ The beautiful design adds a touch of elegance to any modern kitchen
☆ Non stick, non scratch and heat resistant up to 482° Fahrenheit
☆ The high quality construction guarantees years of excellent use
Package included:
1 x 9 inch kitchen tongs
1 x 12 inch kitchen tongs
1 x pot holder
….

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