Interlocking 24mm EVA 1m x 1m Stable Horse Pig Dairy Pet Floor Mats Matting 575 (1 sq m)

Interlocking 24mm EVA 1m x 1m Stable Horse Pig Dairy Pet Floor Mats Matting 575 (1 sq m)
  • High Quality 24mm Stable / Cubicle Mats
  • Each mat 1m x 1m x 24mm
  • Suitable for Horses, Livestock, Kennels and Catteries.
  • Manufactured from High Quality EVA
  • Reduce Bedding costs and labour!

This is the highest quality product available for your stabling / cowshed, which will improve animal comfort and help reduce rising bedding costs. Each Interlocking Mat is 1m x 1m x 24mm thick with 2 removable straight edges.They are made from the highest grade EVA (not cheap hard rubber) which makes for a more comfortable bed for your horse or livestock. EVA is a foam material which cannot collapse or go hard and has greater thermal insulation than the majority of rubber mats. It also means they are light approx 1/5 of the weight. These interlocking mats can be used in many applications: * Stable Mats * Piggery * Dairy * Kennels * Cattery Easimat mats are built to last and have 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Easimat mats have been manufactured with your horse in mind to provide a permanent soft and insulated floor so you can safely reduce bedding without compromising comfort. Top surface has anti slip tear shaped bubbles with raised disks on the bottom surface designed to aid drainage. – Improves hygiene – Easy to fit – Anti Fatigue – Protects against injury reduces occurrence of capped hocks – Reduces dust in stable- fewer respiratory disorders – Lightweight,­ easy to lift to clean underneath – Not affected by urine or disinfectants – Non toxic, non absorbent Does not retain moisture or bacteria One mat covers 1 square metre ( 10.76 square feet) including edges. To calculate the amount required take the width of the area and times by the length of the area you want to cover. e.g. if area is 2 m x 2 m you will need 4 square metres. Always buy a little over to ensure you cover the whole area. We can supply all areas in multiples of 1 square metre. 1 tile-1 sq m (10.76 sqft) 4 tiles-4 sq m (43 sqft) 8 tiles-8 sq m (86 sqft) 12 tiles-12 sq m (129 sqft) 16 tiles-16 sq m (172 sqft) 20 tiles-20 sq m (215 sqft) 24 tiles-24 sq m (258 sqft) 28 tiles-28 sq m (301sqft) We recommend leaving a 25mm (1″) gap around mats to allow for any expansion once in use.
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