Nutley’s 10 x 2 m Weedban 50 Weed Control Fabric – Black

Nutley's 10 x 2 m Weedban 50 Weed Control Fabric - Black
  • Due to its special weave, a lighter fabric which is as good as the heavyweights
  • Guaranteed to suppress weeds for at least 15 years
  • Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through, so soil underneath remains healthy
  • Simple to lay – no need to pull up or kill weeds beforehand, just strim to ground level
  • Good for allotments, pathways, beds, borders. Not suitable for vehicular use, such as in driveways.

A 10m x 2m length of highest-quality, spun-bonded membrane which guarantees to suppress weed growth for 15 years. Air, nutrients, fertilisers and liquids can still pass through, allowing the soil underneath to stay healthy and fertile.

All weed membranes must be covered with at least a 10cm (1″) layer of mulch to be fully effective and guaranteed. Not suitable for applications involving vehicles or drainage.

Use in vegetable and fruit beds, borders, under aggregate paths, under decking and under domestic patios. HOW TO LAY
There is no need to use a chemical weedkiller beforehand – just strim vegetation to ground level ensuring there are no fibrous stalks left which could penetrate the Weedban fabric. Simply lay the fabric over, and cover with a 10cm (1″) layer of mulch or aggregate. The edges of the fabric can be kept in place with ground pegs (available in the Nutley’s shop), or by ‘trenching’ – slipping the fabric into small trenches and then covering with earth to secure it.
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